Santosh Kumari Lal was a teacher and a leader who dedicated her life working for social
needs and recognizing the philosophy of education in India. She was raised in a large family where her father, Chiranjeev Lal - a Professor of English at Jaipur University - instilled in their minds that knowledge is a tool that will not only make you independent, but will help you achieve your dreams.

(Late) ms. santosh lal

Santosh went on to receive her Bachelor of Science and Master of Psychology from Delhi University, Bachelor of Education from Punjab University, and Advanced Chemistry from Toronto University.

She was a prominent member of the Republic of India, working with former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri to provide better education to children.

MS. SANTOSH LAL with the then prime minister of india, lal bahadur shastri

She also worked with Kanhaiyalal Maneklal Munshi, founder of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan - a cultural and educational trust. With the care belief that there are elements in all cultures which transcend all barriers and knit people together, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan has over 100 centers in India and 7 centers across the world including the US, UK, and Australia. 


Her work within the community led her to begin the Children's Literacy Project.

As she continued her work in education, she also passed on her love to her two children, Sangeeta and Sandeep.  Though she lost her life to breast cancer, her battle with the disease was a true example of strength and resilience.  She lived her life to the fullest and touched so many people during that time.  Her happiness came from bringing joy to others, always self-sacrificing, and placing the needs of others before her own. 


The Scholarship

Dr. Sandeep Lal has offered a generous donation to the school, to be dispensed as scholarships to students.


"Following the great example set before me, I pursued my dream of becoming a physician - earning my degree in the Doctorate of Medicine, with training in Internal Medicine from the University of Southern California. I am working with compassion and dedication to help care for my community, and intend to continue the legacy of my mother, the late Santosh Kumari Lal."