Project "NEST"


It takes a village to raise a child…

Child's mind is very fertile if the body is nutritionally satiated. To provide a child an opportunity to learn & perform, we are committed to make every effort to give them the environment which leads to a great responsible citizen & an amazing contributor to the society.

"NEST" program:

  • Nutrition: A healthy mind lives in a healthy body

  • Education: Education is the most important pillar for a healthy society

  • Shelter: A well rested body is necessary for having a mind which is fertile & ready to learn

  • Transformation: The only way to transform a society, a nation & this globe is by providing education.

To make this into reality, we need your support:


• For $ 1 a day sponsor a Child

• For $ 100 a month sponsor a child's education

• For $ 500 a month sponsor a classroom meal

• For $ 1000 a month Sponsor Transportation for the    children

• For $ 10000 have a classroom named on you

• For $ 50000 become a lifetime patron