Classes & Admissions

Classes from Nursery until Grade VII are currently being taught at the school. Future plans include extending the classes until Grade XII. Admissions are open from March through July every year. The academic session runs from August to February.

Medium of instruction

Equal emphasis is provided to teaching in Hindi - the students' mother tongue - and English - the international language of success. In order to inculcate good speaking skills, a major focus is on correct pronunciation. The students take the teacher's lead in groups to read out words aloud.

In the junior classes we develop the interest of the child through story telling and visual impact. Each child is encouraged to come forward and speak and thus gain confidence. Class debates are given prime importance.  The textbooks followed are accompanied by periodic assignments. Students are tested on the application of knowledge via innovative methods such as word puzzles, matching words and diagrams.

The focus in Primary Education is on promoting the happiness of the child and protecting his/her special interests. The School not only teaches the children to learn but also to love and enjoy learning. Within the School, real life experiences provide meaningful and enjoyable learning.

Special Individual Education Programs
(Under Direct supervision of Vijay Tiwari, MD FACP)

Extended Tutoring Program (ETP): It provides a comprehensive and unique methodology of teaching to achieve academic excellence through self-motivation and outstanding academic results, with three times more hours of teacher - taught interaction in a friendly, stimulating environment.

Personality Enhancement & Development Centre with Individualized Education Plan (IEP):
The Personality Enhancement and Development Centre (PEDC), an essential part of the educational process in DSET Public School, believes in Quality Management in Education. It aims to develop each participant as a complete person, who is physically enduring, emotionally mature, intellectually enlightened, aesthetically developed, morally sound and spiritually inclined. The attempt is to transform each subject as an effective role player, useful to himself, to his family, to society. PEDC’s commitment is to give value addition to the individual personality.

PEDC’s strategy is PRIDE — Performance Results for Individual Development through Education.

Interactive Lectures, Role Play, Syndicate Discussion, Gaming, Individual Work, Case Study, Group Work, Feedback, Reflection, Career Guidance, Social Enquiry, Orientation & Awareness

Academic Diagnostic Improvement Centre with Support (ADICS)
The Academic Diagnostic Improvement Centre provides guidance to children with special educational and psychological needs. Academic Diagnosis includes, among other procedures, the intensive psychological study of the individual, and uses of testing, interviews, observation and history as tools. ADICS makes an academic profile of a student, using actual scores, a pen profile of his/her classroom participation from the teacher.

The ADICS is run by expert psychologists & is under direct supervision of Dr. Vijay Tiwari and academic counselors. Its inputs enrich the academic process of the School. Both the PEDC and ADICS function in tandem with each other.

The DSET Public School offers a holistic education with equal emphasis on academics and sports. There is emphasis on team spirit, on sportsmanship and on purposeful, goal-oriented activities.

Learning modules and Activities

Education sans discrimination