Our founder, Dr. Vijay Tiwari, tells the story of the school in his own words.

The Organization

Daya Sumitra Educational Society Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the US that provides education, medical aid and socio-economic care to the underprivileged.

The organization is named after the dear departed parents of Dr Vijay Prakash Tiwari, MD FACP - Late Shri Daya Shanker Tiwari and Late Shrimati Sumitra Tiwari.


The Inspiration



(Late) Pandit Vishwanath Tiwari - Dr. Vijay Tiwari's grandfather - is the main inspiration behind the DSET Public School.

Having lost both his parents to an unfortunate accident while still in high school, Dr Tiwari was greatly inspired by his grandfather's simple living, high moral values, profound spiritual wisdom and - above all - selfless service to society. 

Some years after Dr Vijay Tiwari had established himself as a physician at the Permanente group, he embarked on a trip back to the village with a single motive - to provide a car and other luxury material comforts to his grandfather.

True to his characteristic selfless nature, his grandfather rejected comforts for himself - and instead, motivated Dr Tiwari to set up a school for the village children - and the DSET Public School was born.

The School Logo

The school logo is emblematic of the principle - "Nishpaksh Shiksha - निष्पक्ष शिक्षा  - Education sans discrimination."

Like a garden that nurtures each flower equally to fully bloom in all its glory, the school binds the children from across the social fabric into a common thread – and enables every student to achieve their full potential, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, or socio-economic status. 


Vision and Mission

"To provide the best possible education - equally, equitably and free of cost - to all the underprivileged children in the village and the vicinity"

In pursuit of its mission, the DSET Public School will strive - 

  • To educate each student in the realms of arts, literature, science, technology - and soft skills

  • To inspire each teacher to be a ‘Guru’ by supporting traditional and non-traditional approaches to tutoring

  • To partner with the parents of each student in furtherance of the student's educational goals

  • To be the principal knowledge beacon for the community

In this inclusive and holistic model of education, the student's family and the local community are co-opted as stakeholders in the student's success. 

The sacrifices from the family that the student witnesses - and the empathy from the community that the student experiences - will likely translate into reciprocal and lifelong caring by the student, for the family and the community. 

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